This Starbucks Menu Hack Makes A Drink That Tastes Like Malibu And TikTok Is Obsessed

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Soooo…are we spiking it or what?

TikTok has become a part of my daily social media scroll at this point and it feels like every day there’s a new fun menu hack blowing up on the app. Fun Starbucks drinks are a staple of my TikTok for you page and right now a drink that allegedly tastes similar to Malibu rum is going viral.

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THIS ONE IS IT. 🤍🙌🏻 Run to Starbucks!!! Thanks @sublime_artist #starbucks #starbuckssecretmenu #malibu #starbiesforlife #starbies #starbucksdrink

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Although Starbucks drinks like this one are often referred to by name online, it’s important to remember that the only way to achieve the correct beverage is by ordering it politely (!) through drink customizations. Instead of asking your barista for a “Virgin Malibu Drink” at the drive-thru or coffee counter, you’ll want to order a specific drink by asking for the ingredients. In this case, the drink starts with a sweetened lemonade.

Since Malibu rum is known for its sweet coconut flavor, you’ll then ask for coconut milk added to your lemonade as well as vanilla syrup. Most TikToks finish the drink there, but user @salvaggio_chris added cold foam with a couple of pumps of pineapple ginger to top it all off. The final drink will be white in color and will taste like an ideal blend of citrus, coconut, and a little bit of that vanilla sweetness.

Of course, you can’t actually get the Malibu drink with Malibu rum in it from Starbs, but those that have tried it said they’re pretty similar in taste or it’s a good alternative for those that don’t drink alcohol. You can also always bring the Malibu Starbucks lemonade home and spike it with Malibu rum if you feel so inclined since we’ve officially reached the “spike it!!!” season of the pandemic once again. Thanks again, TikTok!

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