This Gorgeous Victorian Estate On The Market For $15.9 Million May Have Been The Birthplace Of The Oreo Cookie

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Peep the black and white and exterior!

The tony town of Greenwich, Connecticut has been home to many public figures over the years, including Jane Fonda, Adam Sandler, Kathie Lee Gifford… and Adolphus W. Green. Is the latter not ringing a bell? Well, if you’ve ever had an Oreo cookie, you’re already familiar with his delicious work.

As the New York Times writes, Green helped organize and became the first president of the National Biscuit Company (better known as Nabisco) in 1898. Under his leadership (and sweet tooth), the company introduced two of its most famous products: Barnum Animal Crackers and Oreos. Green died in 1917; however, his legacy lives on to this day. You know what else still stands? His former Greenwich home, which is currently on the market.

Listed at $15.9 million with the New England Land Company, the 10,000 square-foot home is “where the genesis and vision of Nabisco’s Barnum Animal Crackers and Oreos were said to be born,” per the listing. Is this a confirmed fact? No, as it’s hard to trace the exact origins of a cookie that is over a century old. However, looking back at history, there is a good chance that the home played at least some role. In the book Victorian Summer: The Historic Houses of Belle Haven Park, Greenwich, Connecticut, we find out that Green purchased the home in 1905. He was said to have lived there until his death in 1917, as the NYT wrote. Nabisco introduced the Oreo in 1912, according to The Bakery Network.

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With that being said, we know that this gorgeous Victorian home is where Green lived when the cookie was invented. While it’s unknown where the exact idea of a chocolate-and-vanilla creme cookie came about and was first produced, there is one more interesting tidbit about the house itself that might connect it to the Oreo. The property’s exterior is black and white… just like America’s favorite cookie.

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Now, what we can confirm is that the home is for sale – and that it’s had some major work done since Green last stepped foot in it. Listing agent John McAtee told Barrons that “literally every square inch has been redone.” However, he adds that “from the front, it looks almost the same as it has for 120 years, but now it’s guaranteed to last another 120 years.”

Well, would you look at that? The black and white exterior lives on, just like Oreo — which I also sure hope is still around in 120 years. Interested in learning more about the home? You can check out the listing here.


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