Natty Light Has Turned Its Naturdays Fruity Beers Into Frozen Boozy Ice Pops

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Strawberry lemonade or pineapple lemonade?! 🍓🍍

Two things we want our summer to be filled with? Booze and frozen treats. Anheuser-Busch’s Natural Light is conquering both of them in one with the new Naturdays Frozen Icicles. Who’s ready to get tipsy off of ice pops?!

In March 2019, Natty Light unveiled its new Naturdays strawberry lemonade-flavored beer, followed by a pineapple lemonade-flavored beer in March 2021. Now the brand has turned both of those beers into frozen icicles for your summer pleasure. And yes, each one has alcohol in it.

natural light naturdays frozen icicles

Natural Light

The Naturdays Frozen Icicles come in a 12-count box of six strawberry lemonade and six pineapple lemonade, which means you’ll get to try both fruity beer flavors. Each tube has 8% ABV, so don’t underestimate how strong these little frozen treats can be. After all, the typical hard seltzer has just 4% to 5% ABV.

While we so desperately wish that these were a year-round thing, Natty Light is only keeping the boozy ice pops in stock for a limited time. You might want to stock up to guarantee you’re set for summer. The beach plus Naturdays Frozen Icicles equals the kind of party we want to be at.


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