May Meal Plan: Your Go-To Grilling Guide

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Hi, Seafoodies!

May is here, and the grilling is easy! That’s right, it’s finally the most food-fragrant season of the year—grilling season—when the meals are more carefree, oven-free and, hello, pan-free! Simple as it is to prepare seafood in the kitchen, it’s even easier when you can give your stove the night (or weekend) off! So, we’re super-excited to share the May Meal Plan, your go-to guide for perfectly grilled seafood. We hope it gives you plenty of grilling inspo for dinner tonight, crowd-pleasing dishes for your Memorial Day BBQ and lip-smacking meals you and your family can enjoy all summer.

May also is Mediterranean Diet Month—a time when we celebrate a healthy way of eating that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of seafood. Rich in protein, omega-3s and other important nutrients that keep our bodies in tip-top shape, seafood is one of the shining stars of the Mediterranean Diet. And it cooks wonderfully on the grill: Just a quick seasoning and a few minutes of high heat are all you need for wholesome, no-fuss meals that are bursting with smoky flavor.

We think grilling is one of the best ways to prepare seafood, whether we’re entertaining al fresco or just trying to get a nutritious meal on the table ASAP! This Grilling Guide showcases a variety of seafood—from shrimp and salmon to tuna and tilapia—using foolproof techniques to make anyone a grill master. 

One of our favorite seafood preparations? Simply grilled. For complex flavor without a complicated recipe, try the salmon with garlic-lime butter or herb-rubbed tuna steaks. Both are seared and juicy, with char-grilled taste in every bite. Or, use grilled fish as the starting point to create a festive meal, like a #TacoTuesday feast! Which tacos will you try first—grilled cod and avocado, or tilapia with kiwi salsa?

Skewers and foil packets make grilling extra-easy. They’re fun to assemble too, so your little Seafoodies can help you make dinner. We offer two takes on the classic shrimp kabob—one savory, one slightly sweet—as well as a mouthwatering mustard salmon skewer that is sure to get rave reviews. And you’ll love the ease of tossing a fish-veggie packet on the grill—how about tilapia with pesto, or spicy mahi mahi?

No grilling guide would be complete without something truly smoky! This month we enjoy cedar-planked salmon two ways: in a spice-crusted fillet, and in a fabulous gyro. For those who are new to grilling with cedar planks, we’ll walk you through the steps.

With dishes as grill-tastic as these, it’s a breeze to get the 2 to 3 servings of seafood a week recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. So, are you hungry yet? Let’s get grilling!

Grilled Cod and Avocado Tacos

Our grilled fish tacos will tempt you with spice-rubbed cod, creamy grilled avocado and plenty of tangy slaw for extra crunch.

Grilled Salmon with Garlic-Lime Butter

Meet your new weeknight go-to! Fresh lime and dill make this heart-healthy salmon dish a standout.

Garlic Herb Butter Grilled Shrimp Skewers

No marinade required for these quick-cooking, four-ingredient kabobs. Just skewer, brush, grill and eat!

Grilled Scallops with Grapefruit Vinaigrette

These citrus-spiked scallops will shine in your next salad, or serve them with grilled fennel and brown rice for a more substantial meal.

Grilled Foil Packet Tilapia with Pesto Veggies

Quick-cooking tilapia steams with herb-and-garlic veggies in these fun foil packets. The result? Grill magic!

Grilled Fish Tacos with Kiwi Jalapeno Salsa

Grilled tortillas add an extra-smoky note to this flaky tilapia paired with an eye-catching kiwi salsa.

Herb & Garlic Grilled Tuna Steaks

In the mood for a steak? This Mediterranean-minded, boldly flavored tuna is sure to satisfy!

Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Fillet

Cooking salmon on a cedar plank infuses it with a smoky, earthy flavor that complements the savory-sweet spice rub.

Grilled Mahi Mahi and Veggies Foil Packets

Packed with potatoes and green beans and redolent of Old Bay, these mahi mahi packets offer a unique grilled twist on a niçoise salad.

Shrimp Kabobs with Pineapple

Caramelized pineapple is a fantastic foil for these Bayou-inspired shrimp that are marinated in creamy coconut milk, citrus juice and a jolt of hot sauce.

Tilapia with Mango Salsa

This chili-spiked tilapia brings on the heat, comes together quickly and is simply stunning.

Grilled Mediterranean Cedar Plank Salmon Gyros

Our zesty, Greek-inspired gyros chock-full of salmon, vegetables and tzatziki showcase the Mediterranean Diet in handheld form!

Grilled Salmon Skewers

Your favorite mustard-glazed salmon dish just got liberated from the kitchen! Try these flavorful, satisfying skewers for an oven-free change of pace.


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