Flipz Has New S’mores-Covered Pretzels And They’re Topped In Marshmallow Drizzle

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Summer nights just got a little sweeter

flipz s'mores covered pretzels

Summertime is almost here and if you’ve been overwhelmed with building up your s’more recipe book, I’ve got a much easier (but still tasty!) option. Flipz—a brand known for delivering delicious chocolate covered pretzel options—is helping you step into summer the right way with their new S’mores Covered Pretzels and trust me, it’s exactly the type of s’more “hack” you’ve been waiting on.

Flipz S’Mores Covered Pretzels (24 oz.)




Available now at retailers like Sam’s Club, Walmart, and—of course—Amazon, these crunchy and classic treats are the snack that you’ve always dreamt about. Equipped with a savory pretzel base, this new Flipz variety packs on the sweet as they are coated in cinnamon sugar-infused milk chocolate and then topped with an unforgettably delicious marshmallow-flavored drizzle. Does that sound like a true treat or what?!

While I’m sure you’re thinking that these technically aren’t considered s’mores because there’s no graham crackers included (because, ya know, what’s a s’more without the sweet and golden taste of one of those?), with the added cinnamon taste to the chocolate, you’re guaranteed to still get the full effect of the campfire-friendly snack. And they even come in a 24-ounce resealable bag—just in case you and the gang can’t finish them in one sitting. Very, very convenient.

Now, where am I going to fit these in my already overflowing cabinet of Hershey S’mores Variety Kits and Stuffed Puffs Cookies ‘N Creme Marshmallows?


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