Caviar price

Caviar price

What is the price for black caviar made of?

1️⃣ Expenses for keeping and feeding fish for 7-8 years; ⠀ Catching wild-raised sturgeon is prohibited. ⠀ Accordingly, to get a jar of good black caviar, you need to breed / buy sturgeon fry and raise them for 7-8 years (the average age of a female sturgeon ready for spawning). Oster fish is whimsical and for its maintenance it is necessary to constantly maintain a certain temperature regime and the mineral composition of the water in the pools.

In addition, during all this time, it is necessary not only to create excellent conditions for healthy growth and development of fish, but also to feed it not with worms dug out in the garden, but with high-quality feed produced in Norway and Finland. ⠀

2️⃣ Expenses for professional skilled workers in production; ⠀ In order for sturgeon caviar to always be of approximately the same size, taste, softness, you need a professional approach from specialists-technologists who monitor and regulate all processes of fish life. ⠀ I can’t say that the more expensive black caviar is, the better it is, this is not always the case. But on the market there is a formed adequate average price for 1 kilogram of black caviar, below which, in my opinion, good quality black caviar cannot cost! There are objective costs that each bona fide manufacturer incurs and that he needs to cover in order to develop and keep his production afloat. ⠀

However, other factors will also affect the price of caviar:

  • Fish families or breeds: sturgeon, beluga, halibut, sterlet caviar
  • Type of product processing: distinguish between granular, pressed and pasteurized
  • Varieties: Medium to Premium and Elite
  • Packing size
  • Conditions for growing, feeding and keeping fish and the manufacturability of the production process itself;
  • The region of the location of the fish farm where caviar is grown and the region where it is purchased;
  • Production method: bottomhole or dairy

If you are offered cheap black caviar, at least find out what is the reason for this cost? Do not deceive yourself into thinking that producers whose caviar costs the same in the market on average, are simply greedy and want to earn more money from you, and the seller, whose caviar is much cheaper than the market, sincerely cares about your wallet!

caviar price
caviar price

Red Caviar price

What makes up the cost of red caviar?

The price of a can (or other container) of red caviar includes: the cost of raw materials + the cost of procurement + transportation costs + packaging + the seller’s profit.

If, using this formula, we compare the price per kilogram of red caviar and packaged caviar, the difference can range from 30% to 70%. Many consumers always convert caviar prices to cost per kilogram. They believe that all caviar is the same, and the difference between cheap caviar and expensive caviar is explained only by the cost of the container and the appetites of the sellers. After analyzing the prices for red caviar in Moscow stores, one can be convinced of the validity of this opinion: the price for 1 kg of red caviar in economy-class chains is 2 times less than in expensive supermarkets.

However, not everything is so simple. The difference in prices for the final product arises in the cost of the harvested raw materials.

Firstly, caviar is a natural product, the quality of which is influenced by a number of parameters, one of the most important is grain maturity. It depends on at what point in the spawning movement the fish was taken out of the water. Unripe grain will be too weak, overripe, on the contrary, elastic. The quality of the grain will determine how much salt is required for salting (from 4 to 6% is allowed) and how much salt it will take into itself.

Secondly, the conditions of transportation and storage. Caviar travels a long way from the places of extraction to our table, so if on the road (or in warehouses) it was exposed to temperature extremes, this will also inevitably affect its quality.

Be careful: caviar by weight, as a rule, this caviar is not suitable for long-term storage, so they always try to sell it cheaper and in the shortest possible time. This caviar is of a lower quality, which is quite logical: if you have a good product, will you sell it cheaply?

Caviar price