10 Best Airports In Oregon That Will Make Your Journey Easy And Let You Fly With Ease!

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Airports In Oregon (Cover)

Oregon is one of the hidden gems which is not that much explored. It is situated on the west coast of the United States. The landscape of Oregon is enough to take your breath away, the local cuisines will give your taste buds an amazing taste yet very different. For those who love to eat then, Oregon is going to be heaven for you as here you get the best wine and microbreweries.


Not just that, there are different fusion and desserts too. If you are following a diet or in case you are a vegan, don’t worry you will find the variations that will satisfy your requirements too. Though the place is one of the less explored places, the transportation facilities are relatively great. Talking about airways, there are different Airports in Oregon which serve in domestic as well as international sectors.

10 Best Airports In Oregon

If you’re flying to this USA state anytime soon, then make sure to explore these much-worthy airports in Oregon.

1. Portland International Airport
Portland International Airport

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Counted as one of the main airports in Oregon, it serves passengers with the best facilities. You can get everything here you are looking for, right from great food or mini theatre where you can watch movies to kill your time to board your flight. The airport has everything covered in order to give the best services to the passengers, which includes food, entertainment, and all other things. Along with that, here you get the passage where you can park your bike before you board on the flight.

Location: 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218, USA

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2. Eugene Airport
Eugene Airport

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It is also famous with name Mahlon sweet field where you will get a calm and decent environment with friendly staff members and security services. Not just that, the passengers can also avail the parking facility for their vehicles even if they want it for a long time. The city of Eugene not just owns the airport but also operate the functions. Along with that, the airports hold pacific Northeast’s fifth largest ranks in airports. The building has two terminal gates which are divided into A and B.

Location: 28801 Douglas Dr, Eugene

3. Roberts Field
Roberts Field

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Also known as Redmond Municipal Airport, this is basically a domestic airport located in Deschutes County. Well, the airport is operated as well as owned by the city of Redmond. Also, it’s one of the commercial airports in Oregon where you get non stop airlines for regional flights that connect with different hubs in the western US. Also, it’s a regional airport in Oregon.

Location: 2522 SE Jesse Butler Circle, Redmond, OR 97756, USA

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4. Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport
Rogue Valley International

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This airport is one of the names of international airports in Oregon owned by an aviation authority of Jackson country and controlled as well. Not just that, it is the third airport which receives a large number of passengers on a daily basis. Originally, the airport was known as Medford Jackson County airport, but it was renamed after it turned into an International airport in Oregon in the year 1994. Also, you get the loading bridges, main concourse and along with it, open-air concourses too. Well, the airport also changed lots of things and its renovation was done recently where they included extra sq. feet in order to make the airport better for the people and for work. It also has the domestic routes which connect to almost all the part of the country.

Location: 1000 Terminal Loop Parkway, Medford, OR 97504, USA

5. Southwest Oregon Regional Airport
Eastern Oregon Regional Airport

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It’s the only airport that you will get for a commercial in the area with passenger services for Oregon coast. Southwest Oregon regional airport is a public airport that is located in north bend and operated under the Coos county airport district. Well, the airport is gaining quite popularity and as the results; the passenger’s numbers keep increasing. The main reason behind is its services and facilities which is provided for passengers to keep them hassle-free. Not just that, here you get the nonstop flights that connect you to Denver and also have the SFO services.

Location: 1100 Airport Ln, North Bend, OR 97459, USA

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6. Hillsboro Airport
Hillsboro Airport

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The airport is counted as one of the Portland Oregon airports which also hold the second airport with the highest number of passengers arriving on a daily basis. Not just it’s maintaining the highest standards in aviation facilities for general, but also for flight training purposes too. The airport has control tower which is for federal aviation administration, along with that, here you get the small terminals for passengers, three paved runways etc. Also, you get the port of entry at Hillsboro airport as well. The airport is operated by the port of Portland.

Location: 3355 NE Cornell Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124, USA

7. Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport
Klamath Regional Airport

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Easy to find the airport on Oregon airports map as this one is used highly when it comes to military aviation, general aviation and for some other flights too. It’s a public use airport which is owned by the city of Klamath Falls in Oregon and services. Also here you will find different airport operations which include aircraft, air taxi, airline etc. The funding for the airport is controlled by the airport city fund operators which come from the city taxes and other different taxes.

Location: 3000 Airport Way, Klamath Falls, OR 97603, USA

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8. McNary Field
McNary Field

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Located in Marion County, it is also known as Salem municipal airport as it is not just owned by the city of Salem but also serves the same. The airport also serves as the Oregon Department of aviation‘s home. Along with taking care of the tours, here you also get the restaurants, small terminals, and control tower with general aviation center where the flight training is held.

Location: 2990 25th St SE, Salem, OR 97302, USA

9. Eastern Oregon Regional Airport
Eastern Oregon Regional Airport

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Eastern Oregon regional is the city-owned and also the largest public airports that you will find. Also, the airport was used during the general aviation and also for the program like essential air service. Along with that, the airport serves Pendleton and offers services that help the passengers who travel here.

Location: 2016 Airport Rd, Pendleton, OR 97801, USA

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10. Newport Municipal Airport
Newport Municipal Airport

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The airport is owned by the city and for public use which is available in order to help the commercial passenger services to connect with the Portland international airport. However, there are no flights related to. Also, it serves Newport in Oregon.

Location: 135 SE 84th St, Newport, OR 97366, USA

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These are one of the best airports in Oregon which will let you experience a stress-free air journey, while you’re in the states. So, before you pack your bags for the much-awaited getaway, make sure to customize your USA vacation with TravelTriangle and enjoy a memorable trip!

Frequently Asked Questions About Airports In Oregon


Q. Which is the best airport in Oregon?

A. Portland International Airport is the best airport in Oregon. It serves its people with some of the best facilities you can ever have. For instance, there is a passage where you can park the bike just before you board your flight.

Q. Which airport is the biggest in Oregon?

A. Portland International Airport is the biggest joint civil-military airport in the Oregon region. It has a lot of facilities like mini theatre where you can watch movies to kill the layoff time. You even have food, entertainment, and other things.

Q. How many airports are there in Oregon?

A. There are 98 airports in Oregon that public can use. Some of them are Portland International Airport, Eugene Airport, Roberts Field, Rogue Valley International Medford Airport, Southwest Oregon Airport, etc.

Q. Which is the most expensive airline in Oregon?

A. You have Alaska Airlines and United Airlines among others that are expensive in Oregon. You can try to find cheap tickets online when there are sales or during the off season.

Q. How many airlines does Oregon have?

A. There are quite a few like Allegiant Air, Alaska Air, Eugene Air, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, etc. They have different hubs in different airports. Main hubs for these airlines are the Portland International Airport and Eugene Airport.

Q. Which is the main airline in Oregon?

A. Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Horizon Air are the chief airlines in Oregon. They have different airports as their hubs.

Q. Which airplane in Oregon provides the best service?

A. Alaska Air and Horizon Air provide the best service to the passengers in Oregon.

Q. Can I get accommodation facilities near airports in Oregon?

A. Yes, you have hotels like Sheraton Portland Hotel near the Portland International Airport.

Q. What is the International Airport in Oregon?

A. There are two international airports in Oregon. One is Rogue Valley International Medford Airport and the other one is Portland International Airport.

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